Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Addendum to June Newsletter

A L A R M !
A Dispatch of
Events of Import and Recent Development
in the
Delaware Regiment, Haslet’s Co. of Lt . Infantry

Greetings, Officers and Men-

Just a quick note to you Sons of the Blue Hen:

Capt. Mack has notified me that the people in Gualala would like to have 5 23rd and 5 Delawares come up for the weekend following the 4th of July. To this end they will fly these 10 people from L.A. X. up to Santa Rosa and then pick them up there with their bus and drive them into Gualala, and then return them to Santa Rosa on Sunday afternoon for the return flight home. Please let me know by phone , or return E-Mail as soon as possible, with a yes or no awnser so that I might compile a roster for this trip and airline tickets may be arranged. I am sorry for such short notice but the arrangements for this trip were just finalized. Mr Palmer and Mr Lenz have already told me that they cannot make this trip and are excused duty.

Best Wishes to you all!

H. E. Kayser

June 11, 2007